About us

Angel Maids Cleaning Ministry formed first in the palm of God’s
hand. His grace has brought this ministry about.
Through prayer and seeking the Lord, one day in 2015,a friend and myself, Crystal Jewell-Maksou, felt that the Lord was
compelling us to begin a cleaning ministry on His foundation in
Ocala, Florida. We both had expert experience in residential and
commercial cleaning. On a word in faith, we established the name
Angel Maids Cleaning Ministry.
All of our lives we have desired to help others and knew the
Lord had placed us together. We came from the same hometown, St.
Augustine, Florida, knew the same people, but never met. Years
later, we both were called by the Lord to come to Ocala. We knew
God had a plan that was much bigger than our minds could ever
We have been very blessed to reach God’s people in so many
different ways. Through God’s hand of deliverance from our own
trials and past experiences, our heart has been set on loving others
and lifting burdens spiritually and physically from all people the Lord
sends our way. We offer prayer in every situation, never forcing any
belief system on anyone. We firmly believe that this world needs
encouragement, hope, and more than anything a taste of God’s love.
Although challenges may come, we take pride in helping our
customers to feel better and have a new sense of hope and relief in
their lives again.
In Angel Maids Cleaning Ministry, we just don’t offer services,
we present ourselves as a living sacrifice, acceptable, holy, and
pleasing to God. (Romans 12:1). We do our best to live by example,
not in words only, but in actions and truth. (1 John 3:18)
We make it a point to go above and beyond our customer’s
expectations. It is our hope to reach those in dark situations, and
bring light into their lives. The Lord has sent us out to His people to
help restore what has been lost, broken, or a burden to them. (Luke
10:1-2), (Mathew 11:28) It is a privilege and honor to serve the
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